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Larry's 110St Bar & Grill


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Map - Street 104 area, Phnom Penh, CambodiaStreet 104 area map, Phnom Penh Cambodia

Street 104 is a street of pubs, sporting a dozen bars and restaurants in one short block just off the riverfront. The ideal bar hopping street. Though the emphasis is on hostess bars and pubs, there are also a few mid-range hotels and a couple of the cityís better restaurants. High-lights include the picturesque riverside dining at the Bopha Phnom Penh Titanic next to the Phnom Penh Floating Port; the slate pool table and very late night drinks at the Pickled Parrot; the very well reviewed Italian dining at the La Volpaia and fine French dining at the historic Vanís Restaurant. Vanís is just one of several historic, colonial-era buildings on the Post Office Square at the end of 104. The Street 104 area is a great place to scour the bars for happy hours in the early evening. Most of the sports bars get going around 5PM offering deals. Depending on the presence of customers to keep them busy, some places stay open very late.


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Phnom Penh , Cambodia.