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Phnom Penh Maps: Riverfront Street 240 Street 178 BKK1 Street 104 Tour Map Nearby Map Index
Map - Phnom Penh riverfront, Cambodia (click to enlarge)Phnom Penh Riverfront map

The riverfront from Street 104 to the Royal Palace is popular with locals and tourists alike. In addition to harboring several of the city’s most popular sights including the Royal Palace and the the National Museum, the riverfront road, Sisowath Quay, is lined with restaurants and bars, hotels, souvenir shops, spas, travel agents and more.

The riverfront is particularly popular in the early evening but it’s a great place to stroll any time of day. Have a drink or a meal, relax at a streetside cafe and watch the passing scene, and make sure to explore the side streets. The best shopping streets adjoining the riverfront are Street 178 and Street 240 on either side of the Royal Palace and National Museum. A few of the city’s busier bar streets also stretch off the riverfront, including Street 104, 110 and 136. For something a bit more cultural, check out the traditional markets of Phsar Chas and Phsar Kandal as well as the Wat Ounalom pagoda.


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Phnom Penh , Cambodia.