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Koh Kong Cambodia

Mountains, Islands, Jungle and Border

Koh Kong City is the capital of Koh Kong province, a comparatively small town sitting on the east side of the Koh Pao River about 10km from the Cham Yeam border crossing with Thailand. Many travelers see Koh Kong only briefly as they pass through on the way to/from the border, but that is changing as the province becomes something of an eco-destination. Northeast of the city the jungled Cardamom Mountains cover much of the province, offering trekking, biking and river excursion possibilities. To the south secluded beaches line the coastline and nearby island of the same name as the city and province, Koh Kong. Base your adventures out of the city where you can arrange tours and trips. The selection of accommodations and dining in town is a bit limited but there is still a fair choice of budget and mid range hotels as well as a few good dining opportunities, including a couple of riverside places specializing in fresh seafood.






This website is the (expanded) online version of Canby Media' Cambodia travel guides: The Phnom Penh Visitors Guide, The Siem Reap Angkor Visitors Guide and Cambodia Visitors Guide, (also including Battambang, Kampot, Koh Kong and Kep.)