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Kampot Essentials

Public and tourist services are more limited than Sihanoukville, and much more limited than Phnom Penh, but for a provincial city, you can usually get most of what you need. There are a few well-stocked convenience stores in town, several banks and ATMs, a provincial hospital and at least one comparatively reliable clinic, a functioning post office, internet shops and widely available wifi.   

Money and Banking
ACLEDA and Canadia Bank both accept Visa and have 24-hour ATMs. Canadia Bank also accepts MC. ACLEDA ATMs access Visa and Gold Dots. Canadia Bank ATMs access Visa, M/C, Cirrus and Maestro. For instant cash transfer, Canadia Bank offers MoneyGram and Acleda Bank has Western Union. All banks offer currency exchange. Moneychangers are located around the market.

Internet, Phone, Laundry...

Most of the hotels have free WiFi or at least a computer with internet. Many of the restaurants and bars have WiFi these days as well. There are also still a few internet/phone cafes around town, including a couple along the Old Bridge road near the Durian Roundabout, and another on Street 276 just off the riverfront. Street 276 also has a couple of laundry shops and motorcycle rental.


Located 8km outside of town at the entrance to Bokor Mountain, the Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital offers high quality medical care, including ambulance (Non emergency: 077-666752; Emergency only: 078-265782) In-town the Bokor Clinic & Maternity, behind the hospital on Street 714 is recommended by local expats (Tel: 017-620531, 033-632053.) The main hospital is on the riverfront in town 100 meters north of the Old Bridge. Rudimentary facilities and services.


Tel: 012-594224